2018-2019 Season: District 18 5A

East View High School Boys Basketball

The Tradition of Excellence begins... Here

La Tradición de Excelencia Comienza... Aquí


Coaching Staff and Booster Club

Coaching Staff

Jason Jones (Varsity)

Wesley King (JV)

Robbie Jordan (Freshman A)

Scott Bowerman (Freshman B)

Booster Club Board Members 2018-2019

David Blair (President)

Rick Vasqez (Vice President)

Lisha Vogler (Secretary)

Open position (Treasurer), Teresa Sedwick interim


For the first time in the program's history, the Patriot boys’ basketball team has qualified for the UIL State Championship playoff tournament with a victory over Cedar Creek tonight. 

If you would like to have an EV basketball playoff shirt, we will be taking orders only through tomorrow (Wed) at 5pm in order to get them printed in time. Cost is $11. Put money in an envelope with your name, phone number and shirt size and give to Dehlia at the front desk at EV. Available sizes are YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL.  (Add $2 for XXL).   

An example of what the shirt will look like is here:

Don't forget--Deadline to order is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of EV basketball history!

If you have questions, please contact Kelly Clayman at 512-869-9216.  

Sunday Roundup


 Happy  Sunday Patriot Families Thank you to parents, players and coaches who helped make EGA Night an outstanding success. More than one parent of an EGA player remarked that the experience of being on the court with their "heroes" was a life-changing experience. We look forward to working with our EGA friends again next season. 

Thank you to all of our Senior parents for being so understanding and flexible so that Senior Night was a success. A BIG THANK YOU to  Karen McLaughlin for her generous donation of time and expertise in taking the photos of the senior players' gifts.

Congratulations to the EV girls' basketball team for making the play-offs. They play Rouse tomorrow night (Feb. 11) at Round Rock High School at 7pm.   The Patriot teams travel to Cedar Creek Tuesday for the final regular-season game. JV and Freshman A teams play at 530pm followed by the Varsity game. Play-off qualification depends on the results across the district from Tuesday night. Coach Jones will send information regarding playoffs as soon as it is available.  Booster Club Meeting for Monday, Feb. 11 is cancelled in support of the EV girls' basketball team who have made the play-offs. They play Rouse tomorrow night (Feb. 11) at Round Rock High School at 7pm. 
Next meeting will be announced soon. 

IMPORTANT ! Mark your calendar for March 23. Our booster club board is busy planning the end-of-season banquet that evening and we hope all players and families can attend.

To reserve a seat ($10/each per plate) text: 512-763-9036 

1.  Your Name
2.  Player Name
3.  Team
4.  Total # of people attending including your player
5.  Please note, athletes do not have to pay. 

Dates & Times for the upcoming week: Monday, February 11
Varsity & JV-practice 7am
9A & 9B-practice until 5pm

Tuesday, February 12-GAME DAY
Varsity & JV-practice 730am
JV & 9A- 530pm game at Cedar Creek
Varsity-7pm game at Cedar Creek

Wednesday, February 13
The schedule beginning on this date is subject to results from games on February 12. 

Saturday, February 16
EGA practice 9-10:15am

GO PATRIOTS!  https://evpatriots-basketball.com/


EV Patriot Game Schedule

2018-2019 Updated (pdf)


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Roster 2018-2019



  • 2  Richie Vasquez SR  Guard
  • 3 Mark Rodriguez SR  Guard
  • 4 Jalen Newman JR  Guard
  • 5 Cole Blair SO  Guard
  • 10  Grayson Rezac SR  Guard
  • 11 Fa’Ron Williams SR  Guard
  • 12 Dalton Derr SR  Post
  • 15 Luis Gonzalez SR  Guard
  • 21 Yael Erazo JR  Guard
  • 22 Rudy Minas-Rodriguez SR  Guard
  • 22 Isaiah Quniton-Jackson SO  Guard
  • 25 Carlos Ochoa SR  Guard
  • 35 Ben Simons SR  Post

Junior Varsity


  • 2 Park Vogler SO   Guard
  • 3 Ryden Clayman SO   Guard
  • 4 Dylan Brown SO   Guard
  • 10 Carlos Villarreal SO   Guard
  • 11 Dylan Finkenkeller JR   Post
  • 12 Joey Whiting SO   Post
  • 20 Sujit Panday JR  Post
  • 21 Michael Sedwick FR   Guard
  • 24 Israel Ramirez SO   Post
  • 25 Ryan Hernandez SO   Guard
  • 35 Joe Sedwick SO   Guard

9th Grade



9th Grade A Roster

  • 2 Case Vogler  Guard
  • 4 Jake Parsons  Guard
  • 10 Jesus Santana  Guard
  • 11 Max Doenges  Guard
  • 12 Austin Whitson  Guard
  • 20 Jacob Temprovich  Post
  • 24 Cade Elkins  Guard
  • 25 Jackson Szczerba  Post
  • 31 Jacob Martin  Guard

9th Grade B Roster

  • 2 Brendin Atkins  Guard
  • 3 Jake Bauer  Guard
  • 5 Jordan Skinner  Guard
  • 10 Ethan Gregory  Post
  • 11  Lance Milsap  Guard
  • 12 Tristan Frey  Post
  • 15 Walker Baylor  Post
  • 21 David Spindler  Post
  • 24 Cooper Thaler  Post

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